Sunday, April 7, 2013

Write the Room

Hello Everyone! I hope that you are all enjoying a wonderful Sunday morning! I wanted to post about one of my new favorite activities in the classroom, write the room! However, I am not talking about write the room activities for Language Arts. I am talking about write the room activities for Math! When I saw how much my kiddos loved working on write the room activities during the Daily 5, I knew that I needed to incorporate it into my math stations. This month, we have been working hard on measurement and I decided to have the kiddos measure butterflies around the classroom. They did an awesome job! I am posting a few pictures of the activity here on my blog and will be posting the activity as a freebie in my TPT store.
I just adore the beautiful graphics by Krista Wallden!! If you have not already, you have got to check out her graphics!!

Do you do a math related write the room in your classroom? I would love to hear from you! Also, if you download this item from my store and could leave feedback, that would be fabulous!!!
Thanks a bunch!

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